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A saftery and Effectiveness Study on your product can open new marketing streams and ensure client health!

Working with us gives you the experts you do not have to hire.

* Our new CSO Ronald Thompsom is straight from research with Corrnell University!

Saftey and Effectiveness Studies can support your marketing claims!

Connie Roberts

Director of Human Studies

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Looking to save money? Ask about scheduling your studies along side another one looking for the same benefits.

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**  Not all studies that claim to have been completed by us are real. Please contract us to verify that the study you are looking at was really completed by FRL.


  • Humasn Clinical Studies
  • Product Formulations
  • Professional Scientific Write Ups
  • Determine Dosage
  • Equine Clinical Studies
  • Full Laboratory Services
  • Half Life Established
  • Hydration Studies
  • Pre-operative Clearance

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