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is the World Leader in 3rd Party Independent Research. We offer human and equine clinical studies to help you prove your products are safe and effective! Our studies have been used by major and small companies to help support marketing claims and increase public confidence.

Comparable human clinical studies often run in the $200,000 to $400,000 range, a cost that is usually prohibitive to supplementation manufacturers.  However, by partnering with Fenestra Research Labs the wellness industry now has a solution that is fully affordable; a 50-person study through Fenestra Research Labs can cost as little as $30,000!    We offer by far the most cost-effective studies available in the marketplace today. 

With Fenestra Research documentation your market outreach can clearly be persuasive, conclusive, and inspiring.  Also your product claims are now backed by marketplace (medical) accepted state-of-the-art science. Your studies can be Peer Reviewed and Published.


Private Formulations
We also offer assistance with product formulations. Our expertize in vitamin, mineral, herbal,  and plant formulations can help you build the perfect product for your company's needs. Use our professionals, equipment, and background so you do not have to keep a full-time staff of formulation experts on your payroll.
If you are looking to purchase an already proven formulation we have about 45 currently tested and ready to go! All of our formulations can be purchased with a study already completed on it so you KNOW what you are buying really is safe and effective. We can take the guess-work out of a new product by proving it before you pay for it. Currently we have ready to be purchased:
1. Intra- Cellular Hydration product proven to increase hydration by over 50%.
2. Telomere Product- Prove to be more than 33% effective in saving telemeres.
3. Anti-Aging Products- Proven to help slow down the cellular aging process.
4. Energy Products- Proven to increase your cellular energy by over 28%.
Any many more; contact us for pricing!
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Wellness and Sports Testing!

Would you be interested in offering your clients the most advanced scientific cellular testing available anywhere in the world today? Of course you would! Fenestra Research Labs is offering to health-care professionals a simple health test to provide your clients with Wellness information they can trust! For over 10 years we have worked with doctors to compile the most accurate system to help you identify the cellular imbalances in your clients' bodies.

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